Nanogen Index II


The current edition of The Nanogen Index (NI2) contains data on over 3000 pesticides and other environmental contaminants.

Nanogen Index I, the first edition, reached many thousands of users and proved to be a valuable desktop reference providing authoritative and up-to-date information on all pesticides and agricultural chemicals in world wide use. The new Nanogen Index 2 has been substantially updated and expanded to provide additional information under each entry plus extra indexes.

Data is included not only on currently used pesticides, but also those which are in the R&D pipeline and compounds which were once marketed or reached a development status.

Nanogen Index II is published in 2 volumes.

Volume I, which can be used alone, contains all the data on the 3000+ chemicals, plus the main alphabetical index (common names, trade names, trivial names, acronyms etc

Volume II, for the user with more specialised needs, consists of a further five indexes which provide an alternative means of locating a compound, by Company code number, Company code letter, molecular formula, Chemical name and Chemical Abstracts Registry Number (CAS RN).